More than 120,000 in Florida Panhandle are Ordered to Evacuate

The government has urged over 120,000 people in the Florida Panhandle to leave as fast as they can as Hurricane Michael approach the Gulf of Mexico in increasing speed. The hurricane is now heading north at 12 mph with winds of 110 mph. It can potentially bring a storm surge of 12 feet.

Many residents have prepared their homes by boarding up the windows and arranging sandbag around their house to block the water. The hurricane is expected to arrive on the Gulf Coast which is near to fishing villages and famous for its white sandy beaches on Wednesday.

Ken Graham, the director of the National Hurricane Center, is urging people to leave today. It is a Category 3 hurricane now but it is strengthening over the Gulf waters. From the top view, the hurricane measures 35 miles across while the tropical storm force measures 370 miles across.
Marshy areas near the Big Bend is already experiencing storm surge of up to 12 feet.

Some people have planned to ride out the storm by stocking up food and other necessary supplies. Gov. Rick Scott of Florida is asking people in the low lying area not to stay where they are but move out of town as fast as they can. In Bay County, more than 120,000 people in Panama City along with those with are living in the low lying area have been asked to evacuate. Evacuations are also in the process in Escambia County.

Some are not sure whether the hurricane is strong enough to destroy their homes but they have nevertheless decided to evacuate just to make sure they ride out of the storm safely. Many in Apalachicola have decided to stay. In the state’s capital, Tallahassee, gas stations are sold out as many people rushed to filled their vehicles with fuel. Many convenience stores like Quick ;N’ Save have sold out water bottles and ice bags.

The mayor of Tallahassee, Mayor Andrew Gillum is assisting the residents in filling the sandbags. Michael could potentially dump up to1 feet of water in the community. After that, it will head southeast and return to the mid Atlantic state where it comes from. It could bring 3 – 6 inches of rain in Georgia, Carolinas, and Virginia.

Gov. Rick Scott said that many people who were affected by recent Hurricane Florence don’t know how they are going to make preparation for Hurricane Michael. Florence has blown away the roofs of many houses. Florence took 5 days to turn into a hurricane but Michael took only 2 days to turn into a hurricane. David Morgan, the sheriff of Escambria county, is warning the people that no one may come to help them if a tree falls on their houses and they call for help.

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