Hurricane Florence Brings Wind and Rain to North Carolina Coast

Hurricane Florence has started to pound North Carolina coast with heavy rain and wind on Thursday. Roads on the Outer Banks are being flooded as the storm passes through. This is a big storm that will cause many homes on the southeast coast to be flooded.

The National Hurricane Center said that the location of Florence is 85 miles east southeast of Wilmington and 145 miles east of Myrtle Beach. Hurricane Florence previously had a sustained wind speed of 140 mph but it was dropped to 100 mph on Thursday. On the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, Category 4 Florence is being reduced to a Category 2 storm.

According to forecasters, the hurricane situation will become even worser when it lashes the area of the boundary line of North Carolina and South Carolina early Friday. The center said that it will move in slow motion across the east and central part of South Carolina. Forecasters believe that Florence will be dangerous because the storm is wide and moving slowly.

The powerful storm surge is likely to cause a big portion of the Carolina coast to be under over 11 feet of ocean water. The continuous heavy rain will dump up to 40 inches of rain on the area along the coast. It will bring inundation of more than 3 feet of rain in the area near to Carolina coast. It could bring the same situation as experienced during Hurricane Harvey and cause businesses and homes to be flooded.

There may also be a few tornadoes hitting eastern North Carolina on Friday. Florence will also affect Georgia and other places inland. Governor Nathan Deal has already declared a state of emergency in Georgia on Wednesday. North Myrtle Beach is now a ghost town as people get evacuated for Hurricane Florence. Only some locals choose to stay in town.

Gov. Roy Cooper of North Carolina said he is serious about the residents taking heed of his message and not underestimate its strength. He said he knows people are paying attention to the predictions of the storm but he has also heard some people commented that the hurricane is having a break on North Carolina. FEMA encourages the residents to have a few methods to get the latest updates on the hurricane, for example, phone, TV and radio.

Gov. Henry Mc Master of South Carolina urge everyone in the evacuation to leave now as there won’t be time to escape when the tropical storm arrives. He warns that landfall will arrive at about 8 am Friday in Wrightsville Beach. When this happens, there could be up to 30 inches of rain and storm surge could reach up to 10 feet at the beach areas.

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