What Should You Do When You Find a Burst Pipe In Your Home

A burst pipe can be a headache when it flood your bathroom with water. The water will overflow into the nearby rooms and cause other furniture to become wet. It is important to quickly get your pipe fixed to prevent it from wrecking more expensive damages. The following are 4 tips on what to do when there is a burst pipe in your home.

1. Look for Pipe Burst Symptoms
When the pipe is burst, you can see directly noticeable symptoms like puddles of water underneath. More often, a pipe that is rusty in some places and have strange smells are indication that it is broken somewhere. You could also be hearing noises behind the walls. The first thing to do when your pipe is burst is to turn off the main water valve which is located somewhere in your house. It is usually located in crawl spaces, and below a metal lid on your property. If the leaking occurs near the electricity fuse, you should also shut off the electricity.

2. Get Rid of the Water
The next step is to get rid of the standing water caused by the leaking pipe. You will need to get a mop to mop up the water puddle. If you have a wet/dry vacuum, you can also use it to vacuum up the water. If the water is up to your knee, you will need to use buckets to scoop up the water and dump in the drain outside. Quick clean up can reduce the chance of your wall and flooring become damaged by mold.

3. Melt the Ice in the Frozen Pipe
You can melt the ice in the pipe to by turning on the heater. You can turn on the faucet while the heater is on. You will notice an increase in the flow of the water after the ice has been melted. If the pipe is in a vanity mirror cupboard, you should open the cupboard doors so that warm air can come in.

A burst pipe often happen in winter when the water freeze. The water pressure can increase up to 40,000 psi inside the pipe when the water freeze. The high pressure is the reason why the pipe burst. You can relieve the pressure in the pipe by opening the faucet. This should be done on the cold taps first. After you drain off the cold water in the cold taps, you can turn off the water boiler and heating system.

4. Seek Help from a Licensed Plumber
Unless you are experienced in plumbing repair, you should hire a professional plumber to repair the leaking pipe. The cost will be minimum 1,000 onwards. You might want to hire an electrician if the leaking pipe is causing damages on the electrical system. Hiring a licensed and insured plumber ensures that you get reliable repair. If your hire a handyman that is not licensed, there is a chance that the repair will go wrong and you will not get covered since he is uninsured.

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